Windsor, Nova Scotia

About us



Who needs us?


The working poor. The “forgotten” families. Families who are temporarily out of work, out of luck, out of money.

What do we do?

We help. Christmas can be a financial and emotional burden.

We support. We respect the dignity of the parents and the family.

We understand. We don’t judge, and we don’t condemn.

Hants County families that need you the most.

450 children helped – Every year we help over 400 children. We provide personalized gifts wherever possible, and family support to each child.
220 families helped – Each year, we support local families in partnership with Matthew 25 Food Bank and the Salvation Army.
19 Wishbook families – Choose to provide an entire Christmas for a whole family – from the turkey to the trimmings. These are the number of wishbook families in 2016.
$45,950 raised in 2017 – Together with dozens of local businesses and hundreds of volunteers, we are able to make a huge difference to our community.

Our mandate

To confidentially support and assist Hants County families and children at Christmas time to participate in the shared enjoyment of buying Christmas gifts and participating in their family traditions of celebrating the Christmas holidays.

Who we are

We are a small dedicated team of volunteer angels who, working with several local business partners, offer a variety of programs to families in our community. Our volunteer Board of Directors consists of a small Executive and several Directors, who come together to create and manage our seasonal programming. Together with our seasonal Coordinator, an enthusiastic and equally dedicated individual hired each year through a community grant, our team is committed to making sure that families and children have less stress and more joy at Christmas.

Our Team of Angels

Roseanna Boyd – President
Amanda Wamboldt – VP
Bonnie Smith – Treasurer
Gloria Shanks
Lloyd Smith
Vanessa Stephens
Alysen Coady
Denise Zinck – Recording Secretary, Community Services Representative
Michael Jamieson – Telethon Sound Production
Steph Sedgwick – Web Manager


For over thirty years, Family and Children’s Services assisted families in Hants County at Christmas time because of donations from concerned people and groups within our communities. There are no government resources available to our Agency for this type of sharing at Christmas, only the gifts and money donated through the Christmas Program. The program has evolved over the years because of the level and type of giving requested by the generous people of Hants County.

There is now a Society to produce the program Christmas Angels and raise money for the families and children of Hants County for Christmas each year. Our annual Telethon is our primary fundraising event. We are always amazed at how the entire community pulls together to help with the annual telethon. From elementary and high school children, church choirs, local merchants, professional and amateur bands as well as representatives from all three levels of government – everyone gets involved with true Maritime spirit.