2016 Schedule of Talent

2016 Christmas Angels Telethon Schedule

This Sunday, December 4 is our annual Telethon! Every year our 8-hour telethon is jam-packed with Hants County talent and performances. The schedule shown here is tentative – this is a live broadcast, and with all things “live”, flexibility is mandatory!

This year’s telethon on Dec. 4 runs from noon until 8 p.m. It will be broadcast LIVE on Eastlink TV, and also on Valley radio station 89.3 K-Rock. People are encouraged to drop by the community centre to listen to the musical guests and bid on a host of auction items, and check out the display of Kindness Portraits by local school children as well.

Radio personality Darrin Harvey, who works with K-Rock in the Valley and grew up in Hants County, is the honorary chair this year. As the host of Eastlink’s East Coast Music Unplugged, Darrin Harvey will be on hand for the entire eight-hour fundraising event.

Links to performer websites or other social media provided where possible/available. A downloadable pdf is available below.

2016 Hants County Christmas Angels Program (Updated 11/18/16)

Time Performers
12:00:00 PM Announcer Introduction
12:00:30 PM Windsor Sea Cadet Band
12:25:00 PM Windsor Elementary School Choir & Falmouth Elementary School Choir (Combined)
12:40:00 PM Sharon Crossley & Billy McCulloch
12:55:00 PM Avon View High School Stage Band
1:25:00 PM Matthew Lunn & Glenn Parker
1:55:00 PM Dr Arthur Hines & Windsor Forks (Combined)
2:05:00 PM Three Mile Plains Elementary School
2:15:00 PM Fretnotes
2:45:00 PM Uniacke District School Performance Band
3:00:00 PM Uniacke District School Choir
3:15:00 PM Kendalyn Benedict and Grandfather Brian Benedict
3:25:00 PM Brooklyn District Elementary Choir
3:35:00 PM West Hants Middle School Jazz Band
3:50:00 PM Arnold Robertson
4:00:00 PM West Hants Middle School Concert Band
4:15:00 PM Windsor United Church Junior Choir
4:25:00 PM Matthew Smith / Ryan Sasaki
4:40:00 PM Horton High School Jazz Band
4:55:00 PM Horton High School Glee Club
5:10:00 PM Horton High School String Ensemble
5:25:00 PM Tyler Chandler
5:40:00 PM Hantsport Grade 8 Band
5:55:00 PM TJ King
6:10:00 PM Hantsport School Elementary Choir
6:20:00 PM Erica Porter & Stephanie Maxwell
6:35:00 PM New Pickers Music School
6:45:00 PM Ellershouse Hall Group
6:55:00 PM Jayma Porter (Erica Porter on Piano)
7:10:00 PM “(Story ) “”The Night Before Christmas”” / Josh Noiles”
7:25:00 PM Ryan Harvey
7:35:00 PM The Next Generation Bluegrass
7:55:00 PM Wrap Up
7:58:00 PM The Next Generation Bluegrass

PDF version: 2016-schedule-talent-christmas-angels

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