General Questions

How can I get help?

You must complete our confidential application process to be considered eligible for our support. A copy of our support application can be found at the bottom of our site under “Downloads”. If you don’t see it there, it means we are not yet taking applications for the upcoming year.

How do I apply?

Please submit our application form by email, drop it off at Chuck Porter’s office in Windsor, or contact our Seasonal Coordinator from October to December here.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Age limits: Children up to age 18.

If I’m eligible, what will I receive?

We often provide toys, food and clothing, and/or gift cards. Our Coordinator will discuss the programs and ways help is distributed with you.

What’s with the hat?

Maybe you’ve only dropped in on a few minutes of the Telethon at a time, but you’ve probably noticed a very distinctive hat sported by various announcers. This is a very special hat, the “Seagull Sou’wester” that is the basis of many friendly bidding wars over the years. Click here for the full history.

How are funds used?

The funds raised through the Hants County Christmas Angels programs provide food, clothing and toys for local families and children at Christmas. For example, in 2014, we helped 220 families (up from 180 families in 2013) and approximately 530 children.

Members of the Hants County Christmas Angels Society, including the board of directors, are all volunteers. The only paid position is the role of Coordinator, a seasonal position whose salary is provided by a community grant.

Why do you do this?

Our Society operates programs to raise funds to support local families and children at Christmas. Working together with Matthew 25 Food Bank and the Salvation Army, we can try to minimize the stress that the holidays can bring to families in less fortunate circumstances or situations. We don’t want any child to return to school after the holiday break and wonder why Santa forgot about them. Every child deserves a gift.

I missed the Telethon. Can I still donate?

Absolutely! Click on the Donate button at the top of our site to choose your donation option on our Make A Donation page. Thank you for your support!

Can my business help?

Yes! There are many options, including sponsorship, Wishbook families, and of course bidding during the Telethon on our Sou’wester. Please contact our Coordinator directly for assistance.

Telethon Questions

Can I perform on the Telethon?

Yes! Contact our Coordinator between October and December, and he/she will set you up.

Will I get paid for my performance?

No. All of our performers donate their talent and time, with the goal of helping us raise funds for local families.

Will it be broadcast online?

Yes! As of 2018, we are happy to announce that Wild Lupin Media provides a live stream of our Webathon, which can be viewed on our website both during the event and afterward!

When is the Telethon?

Our annual Telethon is the first Sunday of December, every year.


Help bring Christmas to local families

Thank you for your support!

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