Welcome to our new coordinator!

Coordinator for 2013



The Coordinator for the Hants County Christmas Angels Society has a crucial role to play for the programs we offer to our community.

This year, the HCCAS is thrilled to welcome Dora Dorman as our Coordinator for 2013!

A brief introduction

Dora is a local realtor with a passion for kids and Christmas, and a long history of involvement in our community. Dora is a life-long resident of the Annapolis Valley, where she makes her home, and is mother to adult sons Christopher and Devan.

Dora is family and community minded, an active volunteer, a Deacon at her church, and has served on several and varying boards over the years including CMHC Low Income Housing Projects. An award winning professional with a heart for people and your best interest in mind.

To contact Dora in her role as Coordinator, please email here. A phone number will be available next week.

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